Crave Poster

One of my FAVORITE designs to execute, simply because of the adventure that took place to make it happen. I was hired as a graphic designer off of potential, not my portfolio. In fact, my first day on the job was the first time I ever really attempted to use Illustrator. This is not something I am exactly proud of, but the journey discovering my artistry has been amazing. One thing I have learned, I am a photographer at heart. For this design I wanted to create something unique, using photography as my medium.

I took two friends with me out to a place called Noah’s Art, near Joshua Tree. It’s basically a bunch of junk turned into rooms and art pieces with an apocalyptic feel. We left work early to spend hours exploring and seeking out the right image. We had a lot of fun surveying the site and decided on a location with a bunch of TV’s to make the image. We placed LED lights in the back, black lights behind the TV’s and flashed my headlights to get just the right look. The image turned out to be pretty cool and made for a fun poster.

Did I mention we had a ton of fun out in the desert? Here are some images from our late night picnic at Noah’s Art with a blanket of stars above us. We saw so many shooting stars! If I learned anything from this project, it’s life is all about the adventure and patiently seeking out what you are looking to achieve. Long exposures, Canon 5D Mark II & warm desert nights.