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I love collaborating with my couples to create something that captures their story, interests and love for each other in a way that is true to them! Noel + Joel wanted to design their engagement session around the mood and style of their favorite Wes Anderson film’s (inspiration photos above). It was a fun challenge for me as an artist and I am pretty excited with how it all turned out. I hope you enjoy their adventure session // Noel + Juli, you guys are the absolute BEST!! Thank you for sharing your awesome. 
 (Juli, you’re a champ for standing on the edge of a cliff in the dark to capture these last 2 frames! p.s. that is the moon, not the sun.) So excited to capture their wedding day at the Lombardi House!

These KIDS! They make my job so easy and fun. We met up in Downtown LA & explored a few new locations. This is one of my favorite things to do with clients. They were down to do whatever crazy idea I had at the time… which always makes things a little more interesting. I often found myself saying, “just act like we are supposed to be here.” Good times! I hope you enjoy this fun lifestyle shoot with this amazing couple.

\\ Logan & Emily, I am always down to adventure with you.